How our soul juices are crafted for results

Born in the Garden State

We embody the harmony that exists between nature and people. Our unique Elixirs establish a bond where science meets nutrition.

Our Mission is to spread premium-grade functional nutrition and knowledge into the lives of our families and communities.

Tested Extensively & Backed by Science

We’re proud to say we spent over a year perfecting the ultimate functional beverages. Strategically designed to optimize a specific area of health & performance. 

Our Elixirs

Made in small batches from farm-fresh fruit fruits, veggies, herbs, & all-natural extracts. We take pride in being from the Garden State, meaning we support local farmers and source the highest quality ingredients. Our Elixirs are always RAW & delivered fresh, meaning: No Additives, HPP, or Pasteurization.

Unlike typical juice brands

GRIFFYS incorporates exotic ingredients that work in synergy to provide you with the freshest, best tasting, most nutritionally dense beverages on the market. 

Founder + CEO

Avry Griffin

What began as a mission of spreading free nutrition & fitness plans in memory of Uncle Horace, and following Pat’s brain cancer diagnosis, quickly grew into our passion project: Griffys Organics. Where we carefully crafted & studied each drink, fueled by our passion to optimize health in our neighborhoods. This is our dream to reality!

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Founder + COO

Chris Griffin

Losing my father to cancer became my biggest motivator for becoming a nutritional scientist. Spreading knowledge and empowering people to take control of their health gives me purpose every morning. At Griffys, we not only offer premium functional beverages, but also provide our customers with the nutrition education to help them live their best lives! 

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What is Griffys Organics?

100% Raw Cold Pressed SuperElixirs.
Built for Results, Backed by Science.
Plant Based / NO Additives / NON GMO / NON Pasteurized


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Raw Cane & Detox Packs


Pre-Selected Packages to Optimize Specific Areas of Health.


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2019 Green Globe Award Winners

“The art of fresh juice making must always follow the art of nature.”

Griffy’s Organics was born after the tragic death of Chris’ Father and Avry’s Uncle, Horace Griffin, who suffered from liver cancer, and the brain cancer diagnosis of best friend Patrick Duva.

Being former athletes Avry Griffin & Chris Griffin started to question the standard American diet and the integrity of major food corporations.  They realized premium nutrition was not being delivered to the public in the way it should.

As a result, they became deeply involved in the local community, hitting local events to give out free organic meals, elixirs, nutrition, and workout plans. They also provided free education to kids & adults on the importance of quality nutrition & a sustainable lifestyle.

Their goal has always been to set the standard of a healthier diet. They wanted to contribute to the movement. Griffy’s Organics stands for the future of nutrition.

Griffys strives to flood communities with the best nutrition.

Premium nutrition should be accessible to everyone. What we put in our body has a direct effect on our physical & mental health. In order to live a healthier lifestyle one must first invest in themselves, which has always been Griffy’s driving motivation in creating the line of Elixirs. 

Backed by science, this is a passion project dream turned into reality. We thank everyone who’s supported Griffys, and our commitment to always impact communities & the way people experience nutrition. This is Craft Juice for the people by the people.