"Its Better Raw" 25oz Shaker Bottle

$ 30.0

Crush your health goals like a G with the aid of our 25 oz Blissful Dual Plastic Shaker Bottles. Our shaker bottles are designed with a flip lid and built-in carrying loop making it convenient to bring anywhere and enjoy drinks without worrying of spillage.

Ultimate Shaker for a G

Pump it up and get a jump on your day with our premium shaker bottles. Improve your fitness today and feel the difference with this shaker perfect for protein powders and any gym snack on the go.

Guaranteed BPA Free

Your body goals don't achieve itself. Make sure you're on your way to work on them with our custom shaker that's BPA free for safe drinking to give you a worry-free gym day.

All-in-One Design

This is the package deal: a flip lid with an easy-to-carry carrying loop and a screw-on bottom compartment, designed with silicone wrapped rim.