Time to Solve Your Digestive Issues

Let’s set the record straight…
We’re talking about that Celery Juice baby! Which could be the cure for your digestive issues, but definitely not your back taxes or family drama.

Have you ever felt like there were a million tiny men blowing bubbles in your stomach causing a flux of unusual and never ending gas that comes out both ends? Probably the only free gas you don’t want in your life. Unfortunately, millions of people in the United States suffer from digestive issues; bloating, IBS, gastric reflux, constipation, & Crohn’s disease are a few of the more common ailments. Prescription medication is often given out, which lends temporary relief, however, the patient’s symptoms typically resurface & BOOM the cycle of gastric distress rages on!


In reality, conventional treatments simply aren’t enough, as they fail to address the root cause of disease. Consequently, in recent years people are turning to natural, alternative solutions as a vehicle to ameliorate chronic illness. I mean let’s face it, our ancestors weren’t synthesizing chemicals in a lab; they extracted “medicine” from nature’s plants to heal the body. Today, one of the easiest ways of extracting healthy compounds from plants is by juicing. 

Juicing is a process by which fluid is mechanically separated from plants’ intricate network of fiber. The resulting liquid contains water soluble vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, many of which are easily assimilated by our cells, supporting a laundry list of metabolic processes. Nevertheless, consumption of fruits and vegetables are linked to a lower incidence of disease, as concluded by a 2015 study published in the Journal Epidemiology. While consuming 7-10 servings of veggies daily is advised, few Americans meet this criteria. However, since juicing condenses multiple cups of veggies into liquid form, when combined with regular consumption of whole veggies & fruit, consumers can significantly increase their dietary intake of natural foods, helping prevent & potentially reverse disease.

How does celery relieve gastrointestinal (G.I.) discomfort?
– It all starts with Mineral Salts
– Weakened stomach acid is correlated to poor nutrient absorption, acid reflux, & bacterial overgrowth in the G.I. tract. Celery’s mineral salts, mostly composed of sodium, magnesium, potassium, and selenium, strengthen digestive juices such as hydrochloric acid (HCl) & bile, facilitating the breakdown of food. In addition to fortifying the digestive system, mineral salts are highly toxic to pathogens, such as streptococcus, in the gut. 
– Less Pathogens = Less Inflammation = Reduced Gastric Distress
– Further, mineral salts activate the immune system; they are in essence immunostimulatory compounds. A healthy immune response clears pathogens & their waste products from G.I. blood circulation.
– Reduced Pathogenic Burden = Lower Levels of Inflammation = Prevention/Reversal of Crohn’s, IBS, and other inflammatory G.I. disorders
Recently, the celery juice wave has taken the internet by storm faster than a viral meme. Celery contains a plethora of functional dietary nutrients that may contribute to reversal of digestive problems. There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who’ve been healed by Celery Juice.
Let’s take a look:
Next is Antioxidant Capacity
– A study published in the Journal of Molecules (2010) found that the antioxidants in celery boost innate antioxidant systems, such as glutathione, resulting in the removal of pathogenic waste particles from blood circulation. Put simply, celery appears to enhance our body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins. Reduced viral/bacterial waste products in the G.I tract is strongly associated with less inflammation.
A review of antioxidants published in the Journal of Frontiers in Immunology found that a subset of antioxidants in celery significantly reduces inflammation. Anti-inflammatory responses within the G.I. tract signal restorative and regenerative processes. Low levels of inflammation allow the intestinal tissue to heal and revert to functioning normally
And just like that, BOOM! You’re now a crime-fighting superhero with amazing gut health.

Keep elevating health warrior!

One thought on “Time to Solve Your Digestive Issues

  1. Wendi Goldman says:

    I am so happy I began incorporating Griffy Organics into my diet.
    I was having a problem with my potassium as well as my cholesterol and now they are both improving!
    I also have digestive issues which are also improving! I was always worried that I did not eat enough greens,
    But drinking the green juices have been a game changer for me. I actually have more energy now.
    Lastly, the owner is very knowledgeable and helpful.!

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