How our soul juices are crafted for results

Born in the Garden State

We embody the harmony that exists between nature and people. Our unique Elixirs establish a bond where science meets nutrition.

Our Mission is to spread premium-grade functional nutrition and knowledge into the lives of our families and communities.

Tested Extensively & Backed by Science

We’re proud to say we spent over a year perfecting the ultimate functional beverages. Strategically designed to optimize a specific area of health & performance. 

Our Elixirs

Made in small batches from farm-fresh fruit fruits, veggies, herbs, & all-natural extracts. We take pride in being from the Garden State, meaning we support local farmers and source the highest quality ingredients. Our Elixirs are always RAW & delivered fresh, meaning: No Additives, HPP, or Pasteurization.

Unlike typical juice brands

GRIFFYS incorporates exotic ingredients that work in synergy to provide you with the freshest, best tasting, most nutritionally dense beverages on the market. 

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The best nutrition should be affordable.

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Blue Dream - Griffy's Organics

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