Garden Galore Cleanse

This cleanse is loaded with organic veggies. For those looking to ramp up their veggie intake, look no further. You'll experience a multitude of flavors ranging from naturally sweet, earthy, citrus, & spicy. Perfectly suited for those seeking a gut reset & immunity support.

    $ 54.0
    • A Digestive Break - Replenishing your body with just juices can help you take a note of your patterns and help rejuvenate your body

    • A Nutrient Flood - Rich in antioxidants and 100% plant-based, feel your best getting the nutrients you need.

    Supportive Benefits: Fat Burn, Weight Loss, Metabolism Boost, Boost in Vitamin + Mineral Intake

    Basic Instructions:
    - (6) Raw Elixirs A Day
    - Drink your Raw Elixirs every two hours in the following order:

    1. Pure Celery

    2. Super Verde

    3. Garden Goddess

    4. Healing Hulk

    5. What's Up Doc

    6. Glo Greens

    *Remember to hydrate with water